WELCOME to the website of Bothwell Parish Church, a most special place of worship.

Bothwell Parish Church is the oldest Collegiate Church in Scotland in which worship is still held and is locally known as the “Cathedral of Lanarkshire” . It is one of the most ancient, historic, beautiful and inspiring church buildings in Scotland. Our Church stands at the heart of our community.

We are truly privileged to worship in such a place and proud that our congregation welcomes and includes people of all ages and circumstances.

We hope that you may find time and space to visit us, join us in our journey of faith, love and service and share fellowship with us.

Parish Profile

Our church is currently in a state of vacant ministry. Please see our Parish profile. Please note that any informal expressions of interest in this post should be made to the Interim Moderator, the Reverend Arthur Barrie by email to elizabethbarrie@ymail.com or by telephone at 01698 261147.

Keep this special sanctuary alive for future generations in Bothwell: – find out about the vital restoration work. OR Click to visit our separate restoration site and video