November to January Flower Rota

                                                 Chancel                                War Memorial


7th (Communion)                  Mrs H Bryce                       Mrs A Freeland

14th (Remembrance)           Mrs J Lee                            Mrs E Somerville

21st                                         Mrs M Miodek                    Mrs D Gibson

28th                                        Mrs D Abercromby            Mr J Thomson


5th                                          Mrs J Hamilton                   Mrs V Crate

12th                                        Mrs M Greenshields           Mrs U McLundie

19th                                        Mrs P McAulay                   Miss M Jack

26th                                       Mrs A Hamilton                   Mrs J Hamilton

2nd                                         Mrs M Mitchell                   Mrs J Henry

9th                                          Mrs N Robertson                Mrs A McMillan

16th                                        Mrs A Sharp                        Mrs N McLenachan

23rd                                       Mrs J McDougall                 Mrs A McQueen

30th                                       Mrs E Terrace                     Mrs E Smith

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