Church Flower Rota – February to April

                                   Chancel                    War Memorial
6th                             Mrs M Williamson     Mr B Ryrie
13th                           Mrs N Carson             Mrs V Pringle
20th                           Mrs R Wright             Mrs B Fairley
27th                           Mrs B Sinclair             Mrs E Mackie

6th                             Mrs A Shaw                Mrs C Cahill            
13th                           Miss M Gordon           Mrs D Ardrey
20th                           Mr T Hogg                  Mrs A Freeland
27th                           Mr S McCarte             Mrs I Miller

3rd                            Mrs E Horn                 Mrs I Parsons
10th                          Mrs L McLean            Mrs M McWhinney
17th                           Mrs J Lee                    Mrs M Brown
24rd (Easter)          Mrs S McDermid        Mrs E Brownlie

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