Living the Questions

There was an excellent response last Autumn to the inaugural of Living the Questions. So much so, that those who participated in the introductory group are now progressing to level 2 and a new introductory group is being formed. (Please see below for dates).

Living the Questions allows people the opportunity to reflect and explore the relevance of Christian faith for today. We watch a DVD, pausing frequently for discussion. The following is a brief excerpt from the written material issued in advance of each meeting. It gives a flavour of the sort of things we are being asked to talk and think about: “for lots of reasons, many people are dissatisfied with the church today – and they are voting with their feet. One of the biggest reasons is ‘folk are not stupid’. They look at the Bible and ask themselves, why is it that of all the things in my life, I have a whole different category for the Bible ? Why am I expected to suspend disbelief and not think through what I hear the way I would with any other object, issue or situation in my life ?”

People today have little patience with platitudes like, “God said it, I believe it, that settles it.” Theologian, Dr Harrell Beck puts it this way, “The Bible is NOT the word of God – but the word of God is in the Bible.” Challenging ? Provocative ? If you know someone who has taken part in the introductory course, ask them about it and, then, consider whether this might be something of interest to you. There is still lots of time to enrol for May/June – but don’t leave it too late! If you are interested, please contact the church Office and let Lesley know.

Two sessions are arranged for May /June as follows:

For those that attended the sessions last year, the next stage of LTQ will be on the following dates:
5th May, 12th May &  19th May
2nd June &  9th June

All meetings within Church Centre, each evening will begin at 7.30pm and will end by 9.30pm at the latest. 
4th May, 11th May & 18th May
1st June & 8th June.
Those wishing to take part are asked to commit to the whole series. 

The programme is expensive to purchase.  There will be a charge of £10 per person for the whole course.


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