New Sunday Youth Club – Active Christian Teens (ACTs)

ACTs is a new Youth Club responding to the needs of young adults (12+) who have outgrown our usual Sunday Clubs. The main ACTs session will start at approximately 11.20 for about half an hour. (So, if you see someone leaving after the sermon finishes, it is not a protest walkout!).

Each session starts with a brief ‘activator’, e.g. a short film, a music clip or an activity, designed to focus thoughts on the topic for that day’s discussion or activity. Points for reflection or other activities will then be taken home. ACT members can use the Bibles, received when they graduated from Sunday School, to assist them with these. Members will collect ACT level points with each session they attend and enter these and their take home sheets in their ’ACTion File’.

It is hoped that ACT members will use the opportunity to come to Church at the traditional Sunday Club time of 10.15 and use the time before the ACT session itself to develop leadership skills, teamwork and responsibility, through assisting the Noah’s Ark Club leaders with the activities for younger children.  (You will be able to spot the ACTs members who are helping by their badges.) Likewise, it is hoped that parents of ACT members will allow the young adults the small amount of extra time needed after the adult service ends and perhaps enjoy a coffee in the Chapterhouse. This is a new venture which we believe is important, but it is a bit daunting to approach it when there are only the two of us.

We have been working on ‘leader packs’ for each Sunday, to enable others who appreciate the importance of this work and who might be prepared to leave the service a little early, to have ‘ready to use’ material. If like us, you feel that ensuring the next generation values our Church and its faith, and can spare your coffee time, even occasionally, to make that a reality, please speak to one of us or the Minister.

Alastair & Hazel Scott

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