Red Sea & Noah’s Ark Clubs Update

In September we all enjoyed a visit from George and his guide dog  Parry. George answered many interesting questions from adults and children as Parry relaxed beside him on the floor. Then George put Parry’s harness on and he was now ‘working’ and totally alert.

Parry demonstrated his skills by guiding George round an obstacle Course and finally everyone  had the opportunity to get closer to   Parry and see just how gentle and friendly he was. Even Romi, one of our children who was very unsure of dogs in in general, was persuaded by George to offer a  doggy treat to Parry from the palm of her hand. The perfect finale to a special event! A special thank you to Grace Whitton who introduced us to George and organised the visit.

As a follow up to this visit, we  all decided to raise some money to help Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Our ‘Go for 80’ event raised £135 (much more than we expected!) and we would like to thank everyone who helped in any way. The winner of the box of ‘Celebration’ sweets was Mr Becket and the winner of of box of ‘Heroes’ was Sofia Sonsovini—a member of the Red Sea club.

Now is the time to start thinking about Christmas and this year we are hoping to do something a bit different, probably with the help of our older friends in the ACTs group. But all will be revealed closer to the time.

 Anne Sharp.

Unity – the Guide Dog we sponsor.

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