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Three Perspectives on Easter

Here are three perspectives on Easter, written by three very different but very
insightful thinkers. Take a look at them, pick one or two to work on this Eastertide, and see if they can lead you deeper into the Resurrection.

“And the third day he rose again”. What are we to make of that? One thing is certain: if he was God and nothing else, his immortality means nothing to us; if he was man and no more, his death is no more important than yours or mine. But if he really was both God and man, then when Jesus died, God died too, and when the God Jesus rose humanity rose, too, because they were one and the same person those who saw the risen Christ remained persuaded that life was worth living and death a triviality—an attitude curiously unlike that of the modern defeatist who is firmly persuaded that life is a disaster and death (rather inconsistently) a major catastrophe.
Dorothy L Sayers, The Greatest Drama Ever Staged

The answer of Easter is not a necessity. In reality there is no inevitable happy ending as there is in perverted and perverting cinemas. But the answer of Easter has become possibly precisely because the Christ has been buried. The new life would not really be new life if it did not come from the complete end of the old life. Otherwise, it would have to be buried again. But if the new life has come out of the grave, then the Messiah Himself has appeared.
Paul Tillich, The Shaking Foundation

The resurrection claim should mean to us that Jesus’ victory over death ushered in a new age, and age in which the almighty power of God is already fulfilled but not yet consummated, an age in which death is conquered but not yet abolished. The new age is an interim period in which this divine power in the form of the Holy Spirit is at work among us … The significance of the resurrection claim… is that, despite how tragic and hopeless present situations … appear to be, there is a God who sits on high and looks low, a God who came into this filthy, fallen world in the form of a
common peasant in order to commence a new epoch… Easter focuses our attention on the decisive victory of Jesus Christ and hence the possibility of our victory over our creature-hood, the old creation and this old world, with its history of oppression and exploitation.
Cornel West, Prophetic Fragments

May Easter bring you happiness and a true sense of Gods nearness and blessing.

Jim Gibson
Minister of Bothwell

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