Sunday Welcome / Duty Rota – September to November 2012


2nd      E Terrace                          E Somerville                   Dr Thomson                A Watt

9th       G Whitton                        E Buttery                         J Carson                       S Cook

16th     D Craig                              J Crichton                      J Cumming                  J Dalziel

23rd     E Dempsey                      B Gillespie                      J Gilmour                     T Goodsir

30th     S Greenshields               K Hamilton                    J Hart                             I Henderson


7th       J Henry                            L Horn                             M Hutchison                 M Jack

14th     D Lee                                G Moore                           H Marsh                        J Marsh

21st      L McLean                        C McMurdo                     Dr Ritch                        B Sharp

28th     E Terrace                         E Somerville                   Dr Thomson                A Watt


4th      Communion Arrangements

11th     G Whitton                        E Buttery                         J Carson                        S Cook

18th     D Craig                             J Crichton                       J Cumming                   J Dalziel

25th     E Dempsey                     B Gillespie                       J Gilmour                      T Goodsir

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