Living the Questions 2013

“ I just wanted to say… the past 5 weeks at LtQs has been wonderful experience…  I’ve learned a lot about my faith.  I know I’m only scratching the surface of my understanding ….but I look forward to moving on to the next level .”

….  so writes just one of our recent participants.

So why not come along and join in ?   

Level 2—begins on Wednesday,  23rd January at 7.00pm.

Level 3—begins on Wednesday,  27th February at 7.00pm.

Living the Questions  is a means enabling those who look to their faith for answers to the great questions with which we can be confronted living in a progressive and secular-biased Society.

It is NOT for those who think they already have the answers.     Rather it takes us on a journey of exploration, examination and discovery of what actually lies behind the Biblical record and encourages us to glimpse through the dreams, poetry and longings of past generations.

Contact Revd.Gibson or the church office for more information.

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