Restoration Update – November 2012

While work on the Developmental 2nd  Stage of the Quire Restoration Project  begins, it is anticipated that the likely cost of  the overall repair and  restoration works will be in the region of £2million.

Already, the Lottery Fund along with Historic Scotland have pledged their full grant support of £250,000 with a further £25,000 being given towards the  Development work.  Yet again, Patersons of Greenoakhill (Quarries) have come to our aid by donating £100,000 through the LandTrust scheme.  Other monies have been donated/ promised from private individuals and together, with monies from our own church funds, in total £500,000 has been raised over the past few months.

 A great start … but only a start.


Before long, a local, national and international Appeal will be launched through the media.  An ‘Appeal DVD’ has been specially produced with help from South Lanarkshire Council and this may be viewed on the internet via YouTube and Facebook.

Members of the congregation will be given the opportunity to come and hear first-hand exactly what has necessitated the work being undertaken and, of course, to make voluntary donation.  Elsewhere in this magazine information is given of welcome fundraisers being organised in support of our project by individuals.

Such strength of support has been further enhanced by the glad acceptance of the following representatives of the Christian family as Patrons of our restoration:


The Most Revd. Philip Tartaglia, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow


The Rt Revd. Dr Gregor Duncan, Episcopal Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway

Very Revd. Dr John Cairns, Dean of the Chapel Royal in Scotland

The Very Revd. Dr John Cairns, Dean of the Chapel Royal in Scotland

Our Patrons hugely honour us with their patronage. Their support, so warmly and immediately given, not only commemorates the history of the Quire itself in which the different liturgies of our Church family have been celebrated over generations past and the royal associations enjoyed throughout past times by members of its clergy but, also, is a strong signal that, whatever our differences, we stand together, united in our efforts to restore the ancient Quire – not just for use by our own congregation – but because of its
Christian significance, both ancient and present, to the people of Scotland.


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