Sunday Welcome Rota – June to September

Office bearers should please arrive at Church for duty by 10am. Anyone unable to fulfil their duty should please arrange cover. 

Please note that only two of the office bearers will be required to assist with counting the collection after the service.



2          J Crichton        E Dempsey           B Gillespie        J Gilmour

9          T Goodsir         S Greenshields    K Hamilton      J Hart

16        I Henderson    J Henry                 L Horn              M Hutchison

23        M Jack              D Lee                    G Moore            L McLean

30        H Marsh          J Marsh                C McMurdo      C McQueen


7          G Ormiston     J Provan               Dr Ritch             B Sharp

14        E Terrace        E Somerville         Dr Thomson     A Watt

21        G Whitton      E Barr                     J Crichton         S Crichton

28        E Buttery        S Cook                   J Carson            N Carson


4          D Craig                  J Cumming       J Dalziel           E Dempsey

11        V Gibson               B Gillespie         J Gilmour         T Goodsir

18        S Greenshields    K Hamilton       J Hart                I Henderson

25        J Henry                D Hepburn        L Horn              M Hutchison


1          M Jack                   D Lee               G Moore               L McLean

8          H Marsh               J Marsh           C McMurdo         C McQueen

15        G Ormiston          J Provan          Dr Ritch                B Sharp

22        E Terrace             E Somerville   Dr Thomson         A Watt

29        G Whitton           E Barr               E Buttery              S Cook

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