Boys Brigade


As part of their badge work the senior boys in the company were tasked with raising funds for a good cause. Having been given a briefing on what was going on in the church they decided to support the efforts to raise money for the repairs to the roof.

To do this we got hold of an exercise bike and took it in turns to cycle. The idea was for us to cycle a distance of 615km (the age of the church building) – which is roughly equivalent to cycling from London to Bothwell. We started on the 19th April and did a little bit each Friday. We then went for an overnight marathon, starting at 10am on Saturday 4th may and going right through till midday on Sunday 5th.

This was a fantastic team effort, we reached the 615km about 8am on Sunday but kept going until midday when the total reached 700km. At the time of writing we don’t know how much has been raised as all the sponsor money has not yet been returned, however we are confident of reaching and exceeding our target of £1398.

Thanks to everybody who supported us in our efforts.

Robin McLean



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