Bubblegum ‘n’ Fluff

During Advent,  with the help of Jen Robertson from Scripture Union, the Minister led a group of volunteers from the congregation in presenting a programme of activities based on our understanding of Christmas to Primary 6 pupils. The event was held within the church Centre.

So many myths have become ‘attached’ to our Christmas preparations and celebrations like bits of unwanted bubblegum that much of the meaning and joy of the celebration is smothered by anxiety and falseness. Through games, story-telling with puppets and craft activities this ‘bubblegum ‘n’ fluff’ was stripped away and the children guided to rediscover for themselves something of the real meaning behind the festivity.

The children so enjoyed the experience that letters of ‘thanks’ have been received from each one.

For boys and girls in Primary 7, the ‘Easter Code’ will be held in March.


Bubblegum Fluff December 2013


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