Sunday Clubs At Christmas

Our Christmas party was a great success with entertainment provided by Future Stars, followed by food and a visit from our special visitor bringing great presents for everyone.

Thanks to everyone who supported us by bringing gifts for the homeless. They were delivered to the City Mission in plenty of time for Christmas, to be enjoyed by those who are not as fortunate as we are.

This year we started very early to prepare for our Nativity Play. We had lots of fun learning new songs and finally performing in the hall after morning service for parents and friends.  A special thanks to Romi and Iain,  members of ACTS, who were excellent narrators. Unfortunately David was unwell and couldn’t take part on the day. We had intended having a special collection for our young friends in the Place of Restoration in South Africa, but unfortunately the collecting box was not displayed in the hall in a prominent place. However, the proceeds of the tea and coffee were donated instead and a cheque for £50 was sent to Monica MacDonald. Thanks to everyone who helped.


Finally the Christmas celebrations came to an end with our Christingle service, to which we all look forward every year. It’s an exciting time, especially for the younger children, carrying their lit Christingles, but what a relief to get to the end of the service with no burnt fingers!


Now its back to normal and planning for new activities.

Anne Sharp

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