Sunday Creche Rota – May to July


6th                       Shirley Frew                    Nan Carson

13th                     Hazel Gilmour                 Jean Moyes

20th                     Janie Craig                       Janette Provan

27th                     Pat Maxwell                     Julie Wilson



4th                       Gillian Ormiston              Suzanne Smith

11th                     Elaine Easton                   Aileen Hepburn

18th                     Eleanor Barr                     Eleanor Terrace

25th                     Elizabeth French              Shirley Frew



1st                        Nan Carson                        Hazel Gilmour

8th                      Jean Moyes                        Janie Craig

15th                    Janette Provan                  Pat Maxwell

22nd                  Julie Wilson                       Gillian Ormiston

29th                   Suzanne Smith                   Elaine Easton



6th                      NO CRECHE

13th                    NO CRECHE

20th                    NO CRECHE

27th                     NO CRECHE


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