Red Sea, Noah’s Ark & ACTs Clubs


poppyThe Bothwell Historical Society asked us to help plant poppy seeds in the flower beds at the front of the church, to commemorate this special year.

So on Sunday 4th May, ably assisted by Tom Goodsir, some children took part in the planting. Unfortunately, as it was the holiday weekend, only a few children were present to be photographed. Now we will keep a careful watch to see if our efforts have been successful.

We continue to enjoy lively meetings each Sunday. The young people from ACTS take an active part in our programme, gaining increased confidence as they lead certain activities. Then they go on to have their own special time with Hazel.

Our numbers have grown this term, first with the arrival of Katie, and recently with a family of four girls, Katyana, Kiara, Suri and Yasmin. We are delighted to welcome all of them.

Our final meeting will be on Sunday 22nd June when prize-giving takes place.


Anne Sharp




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