Autumn 2015 Quire Restoration Update

Screenshot 2016-02-14 20.06.50An invitation has been kindly extended from our Contractors to anyone who may have a particular interest in seeing, at close quarters, the repair and restoration work being carried out on the church Quire Roof. Already, a small number of folks have braved climb both outside and inside the Quire. Can you spot any suppressed nervousness ?
Assurance was later given by our adventurers that the climb was well worth the effort and the repair work being carried out was amazing to see.

Screenshot 2016-02-14 20.06.57The walls of the Quire having now been stitched together (at 18 metres the longest stitching to be carried out anywhere in the United Kingdom!) and cracks infilled, the ancient stone slabs are now being very carefully replaced into their original position on the roof. Shortly, pointing will begin to the outside walls.

As work continues to the outside of the Quire, what cannot easily be seen is the work already taking place within the Quire. To enable work high up in the building, and to ensure the safety of the whole internal structure of the Quire, a huge wooden truss has been erected.

Screenshot 2016-02-14 20.07.06Internally, stone is being indented, cracks are being filled and the decorative roof-ribs are being stitched and made secure. Once this is complete, pointing of the walls will be undertaken before the stained-glass windows, newly refurbished, are replaced. Thereafter, it is intended, new lighting will be installed.

Because of the major technical complexities involved in this project, work is currently running some weeks behind schedule. Hopefully, major external work may be completed before the worst of the winter. We are then hoping for completion around Easter 2016. What a celebration that will bring !

If you would be interested in accepting the Contractor’s Invitation, please contact the church Office and let Marie know. Places are strictly limited as the groups are small in number. However, we will do our very best not to disappoint.

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