Quire Restoration – almost there!

After three and a half long years, we are delighted to say that work on the repair and restoration of the church Quire is coming to its end. The final phase of work, currently being undertaken, should be completed around Easter leaving ground reinstatement and internal cleaning to be done. Thereafter, refurbishment will take place before the dividing screen in finally removed.

The project has proved an incredibly time consuming and demanding task to undertake especially during a time of economic recession. However, thanks to the support of our royal Patron and the generosity of so many in the congregation, Trust and Grant bodies throughout Scotland and members of the business community, our target funding has been reached.

Through recent press coverage, news of our largest donation has become known. We are delighted to publically thank Les and Virginia Hutchison for their truly magnificent support in giving £600,000 to our appeal. Though living in Barbados, Les maintains an interested membership of our church, he and Virginia being married here in 2007. Without their help our fundraising would have been so much more difficult.

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