Spring 2018 Sunday Welcome Rota

Office bearers should please arrive at Church for duty by 9.45am.

Anyone unable to fulfil their duty should please arrange cover.

Please note that only two of the office bearers will be required to assist with counting the collection after the service.

March 2018

4th March 2018 J Henry D Hepburn M Jack D Lee
11th March 2018 H Marsh J Marsh G Moore B Moyes
18th March 2018 S Smith J Provan J Provan R Parsons
25th March 2018 B Sharp G Ormiston E S’ville E Terrace

April 2018

1st April 2018 Easter Day Communion Arrangements
8th April 2018 Dr Thomson G Whitton A Wilson E Barr
15th April 2018 J Carson N Carson E Buttery S Cook
22nd April 2018 D Craig J Chrichton S Chrichton J Cumming
29th April 2018 J Dalziel E Dempsey M Dobie H Duddy

May 2018

6th May 2018 B Gillespie K Hamilton J Hart S G’shields
13th May2018 Communion Arrangements
20th May 2018 H Gilmour J Gilmour D Hepburn I Henderson
27th May 2018 J Henry M Jack D Lee G Moore

June 2018

3rd June  2018 H Marsh J Marsh B Moyes R Parsons
10th June 2018  S Smith  J Provan  J Provan  B Sharp
17th June 2018 G Ormiston E S’ville E Terrace Dr Thomson
24th June 2018 G Whitton A Wilson E Barr E Buttery

July 2018

1st July 2018 J Carson N Carson S Cook D Craig
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