Holy Week 2018

HolyWeekOur Holy Week services this year will follow a similar format to last year’s. Held in the Quire, each service begins at 7.00pm.

Services will be held on each evening of Holy Week Monday to Maundy Thursday.

On Maundy Thursday however, the ancient service of Compline will be held before Holy Communion is celebrated.

The general theme of each service will be ‘FOLLOWING JESUS TODAY’ because the unending struggle for integrity and courage in the face of so much evil; humanity in the face of the horror human beings inflict upon each other, and the alternative way of justice and peace as antidotes to the curse of injustice and conflict, are the things our world still needs to hear and learn from.

During Good Friday, we keep the Three-Hour Devotion. The church will be open from 12 mid-day. People will be able to enter/leave whenever they may wish and stay for as short/long as they may wish. Within the church silence will be kept enabling those within to experience peace and quiet in the midst of life’s busyness At 3.00pm a short celebration of Holy Communion will be held.

Everyone is most welcome to attend.

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