Refelections Of Holy Week

Reflections on Holy Week

To me this is the deepest time of the Christian year, as we focus on what Jesus has done for us.

We follow him from Palm Sunday and all through the week, we take heart from the positivity of the way he conducted himself in the face of such great sacrifice, yet, facing his mission, he pressed forward when many another would have reneged.

Of course, he was the Son of God; of course, he had a Messiahship to effect, but we never should forget that Jesus possessed the two natures; Divine and human.

In his human nature, he was, as is said, “Bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh”. In other words, he felt the human traumas that we do, both physical and mental, while the strength of his Divinity was the absoluteness behind it all.

I am greatly encouraged that, given the humanity he experienced, he can now through the Spirit, communicate with us, as his Divinity gives us hope and value and the huge resurrection promise of eternal life.

All of this and so much more, is enshrined in Holy Week and the apparently weak and helpless occupier of a Roman cross, was the very opposite of what he seemed to portray and what the authorities saw and concluded.

All of what we know of our Lord at this time, has to be an encouragement to us all.

Yes, we are brought to our knees in homage and indeed, tears for him may be in our eyes as we do survey the wondrous cross, but always there is a triumph through it all.
Palm Sunday was a humble expression of triumph.

The words “It is finished” from the cross was another such expression, the electricity of the empty tomb ringing the final trumpet call of victory.

At this time of such uncertainty in our world, we need a message that encourages and, realising the enormity of what people are facing and indeed, will face, we turn our eyes on Jesus and pray that peace may come, for we always can pray and realise the enormous power that has.

Believe with me that peace and healing will come and that throughout it all, love will never be extinguished.

For all of this we are so glad and we praise and adore our Lord, sent by God, doing all for you and for me.

Thanks be to God that it is not just that we love him, but that he loved us first.


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