We read in Isaiah 43, 1, the words of God, “Do not be afraid. I have redeemed you. I have called you by name. You are mine.”

What an assurance there is in these Old Testament words and we are turned through them in our mind’s eye, to that wonderful account of the first Easter morning.

I am referring to the appearance of Jesus to Mary Magdalene in the garden, a story of which we all are aware, I am sure.

To a completely flat mind, there was introduced an effervescence that hardly would have been imagined…. and it was all in one word of response.

That was when Mary asked her Lord, whom she thought she had lost, if he, as she imagined him to be the gardener, could tell her where the body of Christ had been placed, so that she could retrieve it, since it wasn’t in the tomb,

One word was all it took to charge the situation with the electricity of resurrection…………one word, “Mary”…………her name.

Take then that account and take too the words of Isaiah and finally, let us take ourselves and accept the love of God, when your name and mine are uttered, for it is love that was shown in all we know of Jesus, the Son of the Father whose essence is all love and whom Jesus came to portray on earth, as he assumed a human state.

Let us take these things and when the chips are down so to speak, as they seemed to be for Mary, let us allow him to be so close to us that we hear him saying our name.

Let’s take all of this and the assurance that is ours, as adopted sons and daughters of God, through Jesus and, above all, in all, we should take heart and move forward, encouraged, enlivened and saved by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who calls us by name.


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