Reflection – 4th May 2020


I wonder how we all are managing at this time of such upheaval.

I suppose we have no alternative than to stick by the rules so to speak, however reluctantly we may view the situation and however frustrated we may feel.

I am firmly convinced that what is in vogue presently, is for the good of all and certainly as is said, to “stay at home, support the NHS and save lives,” is a maxim that cannot be ignored if we have any ethical thought at all and if we maintain the Christian outlook that we care the one for the other, for that certainly is in the call to service and commitment we all have.

Naturally, we await the updates as time goes on and our prayer has to be that we are led and supported through this by the power of the Spirit and that we are able to accept a mind-set that what we do, as is really the only sensible way.

Mind you, I have questioned a few things in the process and I am sure I am not alone, regardless of any political persuasion we may have and that specifically, we may question a sort of blurred administration in all that is going on in what has been titled, the “Four Nations’ Approach.”

We seem to be flooded with facts and figures and then, within a short time of even a day, other facts are presented that seem to be contradictory to the former and we struggle to make sense and to see logic, but as my Senior Elder in Uddingston used to say; “There you have it!” To follow the information, doing the best we can in response, is the only way.

In all of this, we are aware that what we want is what we might not get, but what we need, is what will be supplied and that, I believe, is the Christian stance.

My faith teaches me that God didn’t want give up His Son to death, but that was what was needed in the fight against a common foe and if we simply project that into our thought pattern presently, maybe where we are and where we will be in the future, may assume a greater logic in our minds in the confusing elements of this concern.

I hope, indeed, I know that we will be upheld; I know that we are supported and do support in prayer and that is a wonderful exercise that we can apply for, to and with each other.

May you all have God’s love abundantly with you and may you be supported in whatever state you find yourselves to be at this time and let’s, as always, have hope in the God who will never let us go.

With Blessing,


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