from Revd Alistair Jessamine

… the disciples were gathered together behind locked doors …
John 20.19 Good News Bible

Christ’s disciples knew lockdown just as we ourselves do in these present days, only for different reasons.

The disciples went into self-imposed lockdown in a Jerusalem upper room following Christ’s arrest, trial and crucifixion, and out of fear that they might suffer the same fate for simply being His followers. That was all destined to change however when, in their own experience, they came to perceive that the formerly dead Christ was now somehow gloriously alive.


Now, regardless of how individual Christians interpret or understand the resurrection-event, there is no doubt in my own mind that something astoundingly occurred which utterly transformed a band of formerly frightened men into what was to become the nucleus of the early Christian church. No longer were those disciples locked down, cowering and afraid but, on the contrary, out they were in the streets of Jerusalem fearlessly and boldly testifying to …RESURRECTION!

So might it be that, with scientific ingenuity coupled with God’s good providence, our current Covid 19 lockdown might be as dramatically transformed as was that of those disciples of old.


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