Reflection. Week Commencing 31 May, 2020.

I am sure “Lenor” is a name of a fabric conditioner that is known in households, even by males who have nothing to do with washing!

There used to be a TV advertisement that displayed graphically, the components of Lenor, weaving in and out of garments, causing them to be untangled and in first class order.
Before its use, it was suggested that the washing from the machine would have quite unpresentable.

Let’s then, move from the domestic example to another level of life and look at the present and primary season of the Christian Year that is Pentecost, recognising it as the birthday of the Church, now, on this Whit Sunday.

That first Pentecost, the Holy Spirit, having been promised by Jesus, became evident in all his power and challenge, making clear that jumbled words uttered, had to be addressed clearly and in an uncluttered way, to reveal the message of Jesus, through the working of the Spirit and that is where the analogy of “Lenor” comes into its own, as the Spirit weaved through the experience of all who were there, presenting the Lord.

The disciples were in receipt of what our Lord had promised, but still it took a little while to decipher and what was happening, since it was very dramatic,
Language seemed to be incoherent and then the foreigners who were present, started to realise that the Galileans who were speaking, were doing so in native tongues that they used, who were from all across the known world of the time.

“Tangled” is an expression that well could have described the event, but it was the presence of the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, sent by God and Christ, that made sense of things, challenging and clarifying, through the disciples.

It was then from that day the word of Christ went to the whole world; from that day, the power of the Spirit remains constant and what a wonderful fact of the faith that is!
We can be so mixed up and we can and do receive mixed messages on many fronts of life, but one thing always is the constant and that is that Jesus rose after crucifixion, ascended to the Father, thereafter, He and the Father sending the Spirit, weaving through the fabric of life and that remains for you and for me on this very day.

Take heart and receive this gift. Take heart and publicise this gift.

Let us all take heart and, as the Church of Jesus Christ, go forward in faith, ever reaching out, ever disentangling what faces us, ever assured of a power beyond our control which fashions us in our witness and strengthens the Church in hope for all that will continue in the ages to come.

With Blessing,

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