Reflection. Week Commencing 14 June 2020

I remember as a wee boy, that I used to get very excited when something special was happening in my life, but probably, I wasn’t all that different from other children in that regard.

I have to confess that still I can get excited about many things and sometimes I wonder that it is the “boy in every man” that is being manifested!

Excitement in life I believe, is important to us all, because together with and very parallel to it, is anticipation.

It has been said that it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive and I believe there is much mileage in that thought.

I am sure we all can apply that to our daily lives.

We live in a very different climate than that with which we have identified throughout our lives.

Of course, there have been many major events over history and even within the lives we have led and are leading, but I suppose we think that this, as has been described, “once in 100 years” experience, of Covid19, is that which outdoes any historical data we can summon.

It ertainly is in my experience of life, but we cannot, as Christians, believe that the insidious negativity that some are displaying, will or ever can be the norm.
In a word, we have to be excited, yes, even in times of unrest, anxiety and seemingly blurred ways of living, as each pronouncement of government is delivered.

The Church is in a very different and indeed, what may be seen as a difficult place right now and yet, there is emerging from what is going on, a positiveness, e.g., in on line and expanded television worship.

Many will testify to their enjoyment in participation in what never could have been imagined to be the case.

The fullness of time will address this, but I know that there has been much blessing when such outreach has been made, as also there has been as people start more to care about others.

Pastoral care has taken on a new emphasis, just by the age old and well tried method of the telephone. It is such a blessing to be in touch with people and to spend the time that really seemed not to be available months ago.

There has been, and is so much change and much more to come, I am sure, but I believe that the Church, with all the questions we have about restarting worship and so on, must be faced in an excited, rather than a dull and negative way, believing that the power working in and among us; the power of Resurrection, the power of Pentecost, still is the power that inspires and carries us on, where the leaven of that power will work on the flatness and indeed, the staleness that some are expressing today.

Please join with me in the “boy in every man” philosophy and particularly and deeply, in the faith, let us, the Church, be the yeast in what could so well become a static lump.

I think simply, that is what it’s all about and that is where we go forward in faith to make the excitement of life come to the forefront again, in the Name of Jesus.

With Blessing,


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