Civil Disorder

Something to bear in Mind

from Revd Alistair Jessamine

In everything do to others as you would have
them do to you. – Matthew 7.12 NRSV

Thus does Christ commend His version of the so-called Golden Rule which is encountered in various religious and moral codes.

And it’s a good rule which, if universally observed, possesses all the potential to radically transform society – and the world – for good; were it not, alas, for flawed and fickle human nature. The kind of human nature, for instance, which was around in early 1930s Germany and which encouraged the rise of National Socialism (Nazism) under Adolf Hitler and all the monstrous odium which resulted.

Similarly with extreme right and left wing tendencies today which have recently stoked and discredited the otherwise, for the most part, moderate and peaceable Black Lives Matter campaign.

The Golden Rule implies that all lives matter but, when that Rule is ignored, it is as the philosopher George Santayana once put the matter: ‘Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’


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