I am sure that there are many people at the moment who wonder what life indeed is all about and I suppose, given the upsets that are current, they can’t be blamed.

There have been and still are constraints on us all to whatever extent and I believe that there are a number who are, in a word, fed up with what is going on and the pace of all applied change.

I have to say that it requires a great deal of patience to take what’s in the mix of life and remain as positive as we can and I do really believe that there is good cause in many lives and situations for that.

I do nonetheless believe on the back of all that, that life is for living and that there can be a contentment in what is on offer, even given the constraints, because I am reminded on the old comment, “This too will pass” That to me, takes me on to one of my hobby horses and that is hope.

I often have said that if a person leaves a church after a service and has no hope, then quite frankly, the Gospel has not been addressed as it should have been.

I believe that when we are down; when we are restricted, it would be no bad idea at all, to believe “this too will pass” as a maxim we might well apply and, with every easing of any restricting situation, surely there has to be hope and such a situation gathers momentum as time passes.

Jesus once said that he had come to give life; life in all its fullness.

That is a fact of the faith that is, as are all his pronouncements, without doubt and that is a focus that we all can have in life.

That is what allows us, albeit in a partial way at first, to take charge of that which, in time, will be opened up.

That addresses, so far as I can see, a developing of life until it will assume all its fullness.
Jesus surely meant this to be referring to the ultimate in eternity, when all which is partial at the moment, will be complete.

Given the eternal reference, I believe that we are entitled by our Lord’s promise, to live life as fully as we can at any time, given whatever constraints that may apply in the future, far removed from Covid19.

Equally, though, in reality, with hope applied to the future and with the move towards embracing fullness of life, we will not be disappointed and the promise of our Lord will be what carries us through, until that day, as I have said, when all will be revealed and in the words of the old catechism; “We will enjoy Him forever.”

With Blessings,

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