Orchardhill’s Big Team Challenge

A Jaunt to Jerusalem

Fancy a wee walk around the block? How about a wee jaunt to Jerusalem? Come and join the Orchardhill team in our online virtual activity challenge – a pilgrimage from Orchardhill to Jerusalem, only 4,595 miles or 10,783,903 steps away. The challenge will be suitable for most people including those who are still shielding at home, as any distance covered can be aggregated for the group’s total.

The system allows you to enter your daily physical activity (walking and running, but not cycling). Although you will be a member of a team, all the individual distances are aggregated, so we are walking as a group. The duration of the challenge depends on the number of participants and their activities.
All ages can participate. Children 13 years or older who have their own email address can be an individual member of a team. Younger children can be paired with an adult. For those who do not have internet access but would like to come along on our journey, please contact a friend in the church and you can be paired with them for the challenge.

Daily distances can be entered easily online or via an app. If you don’t have a device with a pedometer you can enter estimated distances (pottering around the house and garden 1 mile/hour, easy walk 2 miles/hour, brisk walk, breathing noticeably, 3 miles/hour). The system also allows you to automatically track your activity and progress using Apple Health on iPhone or Google Fit on Android.

The challenge is not a race and you should plan to do your usual daily physical activity. The main reason for the challenge is to create camaraderie within the Orchardhill family and friends during the current times and in addition for fundraising for Scottish Love in Action and Murambinda Hospital. Hopefully many participants will consider the challenge as part of their “summer holiday” and contribute the cost of a few ice creams and coffees.

How to join the challenge:
1. Email Richard and Maureen Park – bigteam@orchardhill.org.uk
2. You will be allocated a team.
3. You will receive an email invite to join the challenge. Please check your junk box – the invite email address will be “orchardhill.bigteamchallenge.com.”
4. Click on the link to register.
5. You will be asked to enter your name (nick name on the system). It will be easier to enter your actual name as there may be members of your group whom you do not know. Please use the same email address which you initially used.
6. Do not enter your activity until the start date on Sunday 12th July. If you miss a day you can enter the distance later, although it would be helpful if you entered the activity on a daily basis as this will provide a more accurate result of our progress.
7. There will be weekly on-line tasks for all the teams. These will be very easy and will allow for team and group bonding. If you are happy to join in with the tasks, please indicate that you agree for your other team members to receive your email address.

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