Reflection. Week Commencing 13 July, 2020.

One of the addresses to God in prayer that used to be employed in public worship was;

“O Lord our God, to whom all desires are known and from whom no secrets are hid…………then went on to ask for cleanliness of Spirit in our lives.

It is the word “secret” that I want to look at this time.

When we were children, we would choose a close friend and say that we were going to tell him/her a secret and both knew that that was not to be shared with anyone else and normally it was delivered in a whisper.

The dictionary meaning of “secret” is;” something not known or seen, or not meant to be known or seen by others.” I wonder that that infers confidentiality.

How important this all is in our whole lives as we are trusted by people who tell us anything that is “secret” or confidential, trusting us implicitly.

I believe there is an honour in being placed in such a category and there is a certain satisfaction in knowing what no one else knows!

Sometimes it may be said that we can be too secretive of things in our lives and that we should be more open in our dealings with other people. Now while that may be true, we know that there are some in whom you or I would share very little, if anything, because of that most common of things; gossip! In a word, we keep our council.

There are so many who take great pleasure in blabbing out what they know, in order to give them, or so they think, a prestige position in society. That just, in my book, doesn’t work.

So we are charged ad we are trusted to keep confidences, but there are facts in life that it so good to share, we cannot keep then a secret and one of these is the Faith we nurture and promote and in that very promoting, is the opposite of secrecy, because what the faith is and what the faith publishes, is for all.

While we may choose the people in whom we will place our trust, God takes us, “warts and all” and allows us the trust of what is so open, it would be totally wrong to keep it a secret and that is the sacrifice made by the Saviour.

That is no secret and never can be and it is your task and mine, not in a whisper behind closed doors, so to speak, but in tones that are open and positive, to make sure people know that God holds nothing back, because of His goodness and love and of that, Calvary was the ultimate expression.

There is a place for secrets in life and there is, together with that, a deep sense of trust and God trusts you and me, fallible though we may be, with the greatest news of all; the Gospel and, in all of these thoughts we may focus on words of an old sung;

“It is no secret, what God can do”.

That just cannot be whispered!

With Blessing,

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