Reflection. Week Commencing 27 July, 2020.

What’s the saying again?

“The times, they are a changing.”

So they are and so we have been expected to work our lives through all the changes that have been and still are taking place.

We seem for the moment at least, to be in a more favourable position than we were some weeks and indeed, months ago and we should be grateful that there seems to been some cognisance taken of the sensible way to live.

Much though, still changes and even as I am writing this article, there is a change in the travelling arrangements for those who are in Spain, or who are returning from there, quarantine arrangements again being in place in these regards and much is yet again, thrown into jeopardy, according to the Covid19 resurgence in Spain and its islands.

I wonder that this and such changes are that which we are to endure as we move forward.

Many arguments and many comments will be made about many aspects of this whole process, in which we find ourselves, but, in essence, it is a Hobson’s choice.

So much change and again, there will be a change as we look as a Church, towards a new Ministry and more will be delivered about that in due course, as we progress.

From a personal angle, regretfully, I have to say that, because of an eye problem which will require surgery in due course, (and there are no dates yet to hasten that progress!), I have decided, because of the constraints the disease places on me particularly in the mornings, that I am stepping down from all public work, which means in effect, that for a time to come, I will not be conducting services in Bothwell, or indeed, any funerals either.

I regret this more than I can express, but I hope people will understand the sense I am applying, given that it is not what I would have chosen.

I am sure all will be well with Alistair Jessamine taking control of the worship because I value him as a friend, a highly experienced Minister and respect him very much,…………..indeed, his heresy is better than mine!!

I have said that I am very willing to continue these reflections for as long as it is deemed to be necessary and in all of this, I am reminded of a strong fact of the faith that the Lord we serve is the same. yesterday, today and forever and that surely fills us, in all circumstances of change, with hope and renewed trust.

So may it be as we all go forward to serve that same Lord, who so loved us that he gave himself for us and allows us to love him, who loved us first.

With Blessing,

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