from Revd Alistair Jessamine

God is our refuge’ – Psalm 46.1 AV

That description would mean much to an ancient Jew inasmuch as he or she would be instantly reminded, I’m sure, of those cities of refuge in ancient Israel; designated cities, that is, where individuals might flee for refuge (sanctuary, if you like) were they being accused of, or hounded for, some felony which they may or may not have committed.

Thus could that psalm writer state that ‘God is our refuge’. He is the One, in other words, to whom we, even we today, can turn at any time or in any place in order to draw upon that resilience and power with which to meet life and the trying circumstances and situations of life. Covid 19, for instance. And speaking personally, if I believe anything, I believe that. I believe with all my being that God’s spiritual presence is forever near; at every breath I take, at every turn of my life. And when I breathe my last breath, I ardently believe, with all that’s in me, that that presence of His will be there even then. In some strange way my heart is convinced of it. And it diminishes my fears.


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