Reflection. Week Commencing 10 August, 2020.

I remember and maybe this still is done in some Churches, that there used to be blankets knitted and sent abroad as comfort to the less well developed countries.

One lady I knew, used to knit the squares and pass them on to those who sewed them together to make the blankets.

That lady was of the impression that what she did was really of insubstantial value, compared to the folk who took all the individually knitted squares and stitched them together.

Of course, her premise on that was far from the truth and I told her so. What use would a pile of knitted squares be to someone who had no knowledge of the wherewithal to put them together in the way they were needed?

So much is done by so many, whom we may call the “back room people” of the Church and I would venture to suggest that their proper title should be the “backbone people” of any Church.

There are so many in life who strut their importance as to what they do and often, what is seen is not to their credit at all.

I had a boss once on the NHS who used to talk in terms of “I was instrumental”, when all the work had been done by the “minions” so to speak and he took and very well accepted the public credit for everything, the tragedy being that he never mentioned all who had been involved in the completed work. just that he had “been instrumental.”

I believe that life has a tremendous number of people who understate themselves and without whom, life would be less than positive and complete.

I value all who take their place according to what they are able to do and without doubt, there have to be the folk who never will be seen and of course, there have also to be the people who present in the front line.

I do not and will not disparage those who are” up front” so to speak. I never could, but I am persuaded that there has to be a team effort in all that is done, in order for the best to be presented.

In Bothwell and in a couple of weeks’ time , a Nominee will preach for the Church and Parish and it is important when, subsequently, the appointment is made, that the whole Church is seen to rally and talents and gifts, however large or small, as God has prospered, are brought to the fore, so that the ministry of the whole people of God is fully exercised.

I have confidence in this and maybe will reflect on it again before the pulpit is filled, so to speak.

I have seen great talent and obvious willingness in so many, but it has to be the “all” of the Kirk and for those who feel they are not in the position to do anything because of their particular circumstance, then I say that all may pray and, through such, support and witness to what is possible.

May God strengthen you all in that as time goes on, as an exciting future pans out for you in the work of the Kingdom.

With Blessing,


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