Something to think about

from Revd Alistair Jessamine

-‘God purposely chose …’
First Corinthians chapter 1 verse 27 GNB

We each know what it’s like to choose something or other. Choice-making is something we have all experienced and go on experiencing. We choose some things in preference to other things. Some of us might choose, for instance, to have a scrambled egg for breakfast rather than a fried one. Some people choose to travel by car or train rather than by bus. And so on. These are relatively trivial instances of choice-making and choosing.

There are other types of choices which confront us in life though which aren’t so easy or simple to decide upon. Choices relating to marriage, for example; or to the family. Or to one’s career or future or, in the context of filling the ministerial vacancy here in Bothwell, choosing a new Minister. Choice-making in these spheres isn’t quite the same as deciding which kind of sauce to have on your chips.

And it’s equally true that we often make decisions and choices which aren’t always the right ones. No end of trouble can result from certain choices we make, just as others can result in no end of joy or happiness. There’s always those two sides.

It is the contention of Christian faith and belief that the God of Christianity is a God who has ‘chosen’ to create this world of ours in a particular way. Indeed the great 17th century philosopher Gottfried Leibniz believed that God, out of a whole host of ‘possible’ worlds ‘chose’ to actualize or bring into being this world in which we each live as the kind of world which would best suit His will and purpose in creating in the first place. It was as though into the Divine Mind swam every possible kind of world that there could ever possibly be and then, out of the inexhaustible depths of that mind of God surfaced the idea of a world such as this earth of ours, a world wherein God’s purpose could best be worked out and effected.

What is that purpose of His?

Among other things, God’s purpose – so Christians ought to believe – is that every human being might regard human existence not as meaningless but as meaningful, not as a mockery or tragedy but, despite its darker side, as a potentially noble and ultimately worthwhile thing.

‘God purposely chose …


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