Reflection. Week Commencing 21 September, 2020.

We all are aware of the facts of this time in which we are living and to say that things are a little confused, seems to me to be an understatement.

What we hear in governmental terms from across the political spectrum, can appear to present as uncertainty and I wonder that there is much affecting our way of life at the moment in relation to the pandemic, that is being addressed in political or at least, pseudo political terms.

He result of all of this is that people are worried; people are concerned that what they are doing is fulfilling what is right. There seem to be mixed messages all over the place and I don’t think anyone can be blamed for worry at this time.
Now, I heard a minister once saying that “worry was a subtle sin ” and I believe there is truth in that.

I also heard an American Preacher once quoted as saying in one of his books that, “If we worry, we are just like an atheist.”
That I cannot take on.

He was suggesting that worry takes us away from God and we lose trust in Him.
I wonder that there is anyone in creation who has not worried. I know I have, but I would defend the faith here and say that when we worry, we are thinking about whatever the substance of the matter is that has put us in that state and I would want to suggest that, from that state, we yearn for and do turn to what will help.

Above and beyond all else, God is the One who is in the place of addressing the concerns we have and I take exception to any one saying of me, just what that American said and I wonder that there are quite a few who would also take and adopt the position in which I stand.

I have known dedicated Christians who have had worries and who have had doubts, but I know that these positions in their lives have not taken them away from God and when we all do trust, which is a possibility within us all, I firmly believe that God will answer. I believe he is waiting for you and for me, for all to go to Him and he will be the satisfier of any worry people may have.

So let’s admit that there is a courage in doubting, because the questions that have arisen have caused is to think deeply and turn to God.

Let us put away the fanciful idea that we are like atheists because we have worries and rather accept and adopt the absolute fact that God understands and will take us though the concerns, the worries we have and we will be the stronger for that.

I know, because I have experienced this and I am far from atheism and I would like to think, you too, are the same.

With Blessings,

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