Reflection. Week Commencing 4 October, 2020.

I am writing this reflection at a time of hope and looking forward in the history of Bothwell Parish Church.

All procedures going to plan, very soon, we will be looking to Iain Majcher’s Ordination to the Holy Ministry and Induction to this Church and Parish.

I am aware that this is not so straightforward as normally it would be.

The Presbytery of Hamilton will examine all that has to be observed at this important time and effect as widely as possible, all the arrangements.

We know that we are considerably restricted by the Covid regulations imposed by the Scottish Government and the Church of Scotland’s advice, following the laws and procedures which have to be observed.

In whatever way all is carried through, the central focus is on the Minister Elect and on you as a Congregation and current restrictions, should not and indeed, must not take away from the anticipation and the excitement of a new Ministry.

It is a great time for any Church and, so far as Iain is concerned, a fulfilment to all the study and work he has done leading to this and Bothwell will have a Minister who is experienced in life, given he is a Probationer at the moment and I am convinced that he will bring his own experience to the fore, presenting his own approach to the Ministry to which he has been called.

I am sorry that I will be leaving the work in which I have been involved, but I am just across the Clyde and I will be as much support as possibly I can be to Iain, Celeste and the family, so the connection will be by no means severed, hopefully strengthened by the friendship and fellowship still to be shared.

After all, for 16 years, I was down the road at Uddingston, so I know Bothwell and a fair number of people well.

I am excited for you and I am sure that the prayers being offered for Iain and the family at this time, will continue in the Ministry about to start and with that enormous power, only good can accrue, with faith and love developing and strengthening.

As the hymn says;
“Look forward in faith” and as we do, let us be absolutely sure that all is in God’s hands.

With Blessings,

Please take this with you. If you wish to speak to anyone then please either e-mail the church office on or telephone on 01698 854903 and leave a message.

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