Spiritual Listening

from Revd Alistair Jessamine

‘You shall know his power today if you will listen to his voice.’
Psalm 95 verse 7 New English Bible translation

Those who have attended Sunday Services during the period of my association with Bothwell Parish Church will have noticed that I almost always have a time of quietness before God during one of the prayers.

That is intentional for I believe that it’s necessary; to simply unwind, as it were, before God – to sensitise our being, so to speak, to the presence and influence and voice of God. We oughtn’t always to be speaking in prayer, so it seems to me; we ought to be listening as well, allowing ourselves to be ‘open’ to the activity of God’s Spirit in our lives. For God speaks. He does speak. Make no mistake about it. God speaks and leads and influences and guides and directs. He doesn’t speak audibly but He speaks nonetheless. That ‘still, small voice’ such as the Old Testament prophet Elijah heard or (better) sensed.

Will you make up your mind to try to cultivate more and more that openness and receptivity to God in your life? For, if you do, you wont be disappointed. Indeed, as the writer of Psalm 95 testified, ‘You shall know his power today if you will listen to his voice’.


This is my final contribution to the church website now that the ministerial vacancy has been filled and I wish, together with my wife Eleanor, to extend to The Reverend Iain Majcher and his wife and family all that’s good in the new ministry which we pray will, in the providence of God, be richly blessed. ALJ

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