Hangings and Embroideries

Sedilia Hangings

Whenever a visitor surveys the church Quire, their eyes are immediately drawn to the beautiful silk prints which hang within the 14th century sedilia on the south wall. In preReformation years, these stone seats were occupied during mass by the senior priests of the Collegiate Church. To indicate the status of those seated below, a canopy hung above the sedilia and an ornate back cloth decorated each stall. Sadly, only the marks of the canopy can still be seen.

Following bequests in memory of the late Mr Sandy Sinclair OBE, DL and the late Mr John and Mrs Elizabeth McCarte, it was decided to commission new Hangings for the Sedilia.
Ms Joanie Jack, senior lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art began the design work in cooperation with Educational Resources Department of South Lanarkshire Council.

Initial work involved pupils from Bothwell Primary School, Muiredge Primary School, Uddingston and St Bride’s Roman Catholic Primary School, Bothwell. Pupil’s design ideas were sourced from locations within the church building, with pupils sketching patterns, textures, shapes and decorations particularly being inspired by the marvellous stained-glass, stone and wooden carvings and the metalwork. Joanie then developed these decorative drawings and patterns in order to design three back cloths or ‘Hangings’ using hand-crafted techniques to create ‘finished’ designs which were then scanned into the computer at the Centre for Advanced Textiles located at the Glasgow School of Art. Finally, each design was then scaled up and digitally printed onto the silk hangings which can be admired today.

Ms Joanie Jack
Highly acclaimed designer. Graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. Began career in design working for Missoni in Italy before freelancing for textile manufacturers worldwide. Head of the design team at Sekers Fabrics Ltd. Appointed Senior Design Executive with Scottish Design. Currently teaching at the Glasgow School of Art in Continuing Education and works as a free-lance textile designer undertaking a range of commission work, exhibitions and visual art workshops.


The Bothwell Embroideries

The 600th anniversary of the founding of the church was celebrated by many events and a lasting memorial was the Bothwell Embroideries, a community project, which hang on brackets as you pass through the choir.  Specially commissioned and designed by Malcolm Lochhead, one depicts Bothwell with its Church, shops, river, castle, former colliery etc., while the other depicts our patron saint, St.Bride, with the trees, flowers, birds such as oyster-catcher with the quotation “Oh Bothwell Bank, Thou Blumest Fayre”.



Malcolm Lochhead’s working drawings showing his interpretation of symbolism used:


Malcolm Lochhead
trained at Glasgow School of Art and has taught design-related subjects at Glasgow Caledonian University where he held the post of Millenium Fellow in Design. He is now Professor Emeritus of the University.  In addition to his teaching, he enjoys a prestigious reputation as an acclaimed textile artist working in a wide range of fields.  His work was recognised in the award of the Lord Provost of Glasgow’s Medal for the Visual Arts.

Malcolm Lochhead is particularly interested in the impact of visual design on business in general, and retailing in particular. He has worked on the development of interiors and brand images for a diverse range of organisations.

Malcolm holds the Fellowship of the Chartered Society of Designers and the Embroiderers’ Guild.

More information can be obtained from his website: