The Centre Window

This is a three-light window whose theme is a series of  6 parables  drawn by Sir John E Millais R A which originally appeared in a magazine called “Good Words”, which was edited by Dr Norman Macleod in the 1860’s

Other portions of the windows were designed, and the entire work was executed by Cottier & Co of London in 1880.

The Left Light of the window illustrates the stories of the Lost piece of Silver and the Hidden Treasure: the Centre Light shows the parables of the Good Samaritan and the Pearl of Great Price; and the Right Light tells the stories of the  Lost Sheep and the Pharisee and the Publican.

Each incident is set in a small square, with architectural canopy and base in an early decorative style.  Above is a scroll of amber coloured glass on a floral ground bearing the name of the parable described.

A border of chrysanthemums in rich shades of green  and yellow, surrounds  each of the three lights.

An inscription on the brass plate beneath states “This window was gifted by Mr  James Donald in expression of  his appreciation of the order in which the parish Church graveyard had been put by the Heritors of  Bothwell during the Ministry of the Rev. John Pagan M A, March 1880.

At the very top of this window are two angels of Praise and Prayer in dark green glass whioh were added in 1933.  They were added when the plaster ceiling was removed during the renovation of 1933, revealing a stretch of plain white glass and blank tracery work.

The angels, and their accompanying symbols of  crown and cup in the quatrefoils, where the work of  G MacWhirter Webster.

On the wall beneath is a brass plate on which is inscribed  “The stained glass in the tracery is in memory of John Purdon Brown, Abertay, born 1864, died 1928, and of his son, John Spence Brown, born 1906, died 1933, both devoted worker in this church.  Gifted by the widow and sisters of the former, 1933”