The Quire

The jewel of the Quire is undoubtedly the East Window, and indeed, this fine example of  late Victorian stained glass is probably the first thing which a visitor notices when he or she enters the church.

This window was executed by Morris & Co of  Merton Abbey in Surrey in 1899 to a design by Sir Edward Burne Jones.

The subject is the Nativity.  Mary reclines with the Holy Child in her arms under a canopy of thatch, surrounded by the Heavenly Host, above and below, praising God.

Angels can be seen in the tracery , while in the left light of the window, the three kings, one of them dark-skinned, bring gifts to the Infant.  On the extreme right, we see the awe- struck shepherds of Bethlehem.

Great skill has been displayed in showing the Virgin displayed in two lights of the window without cutting her in two.

Underneath the window is a brass plate inscribed ;This window, in memory of James Mann, who died at Bothwell, February 1884, and of Jessie Arthur, his wife, who died February 1865, was placed here by their family on the restoration of this Church in 1899”