The North Window

This is also the work of Cottier & Co London, and this two-light window was installed in 1897.

The main subject matter is from four events from the Book of Acts, connected with the institution and growth of the Church.   On the left, Peter and John are healing the lame man(Acts iii, 6) and the sending forth of Paul and  Barnabas(Acts xiii, 3).

On the right we have the martyrdom of St. Stephen(vii 60), and Paul preaching in Athens(Acts xvii,22) The cartoons are small and square in shape, with architectural designs  above and below, the whole linked together by the tree of life.

In the quatrefoil at the top is a representation of the “cloven tongues like  as of fire” that appeared on the day of Pentecost; round the border the text, “When the spirit of truth is come, He will guide you.”; above, the dove, symbol of the Spirit of  God; and over all, the Greek letters alpha and omega.

Along the foot of the window is the inscription, “Gifted by Mrs Arthur of  Northbank  in memory of the her father, Thomas Menzies, born 1786, died 1848”