The South Transept

Here is to be seen, the Harley Window, sometimes also known as the St Bride’s window from its subject matter.

This window, which was dedicated  in October 1954, commemorates two sisters, who were faithful members of  Bothwell Parish Church,  They were Andrina Reid Harley, and  Janet Marshall Harley, who actually gifted the window.

Its subject matter is the life of  St. Bride, whose connection with this Church is, in reality,  tenuous in the extreme, but who undoubtedly was the patron saint of the Black Douglas family.

The life of St Bride, who was a fifth century Irish princess, is treated in a series of interlacing panels enclosing scenes from her life.

In the upper left hand light of the window is the Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus in her arms and above her is the star which settled over the stable.  On the right is St. Bride, known as the “foster mother of Jesus”, with her flaming halo,  looking towards Mary and the child..

Beside St Bride, is her sister Dara, and her blind nun companion, and above St Bride is the sun, which recalls the description of St. Bride as the “sun among stars”.

In the tracery  of the window is a dove, which recalls another description of  St, Bride as the “dove among birds”

In the lower light, on the right is St Bride hanging her cloak on a sunbeam with dandelions growing at her feet, while on the left, is a group of the poor to whom she ministered.

The lower left hand medallion shows St. Bride reading, and in the background is a cow, because St. Bride is the patron saint of  dairy workers.  In the right hand medallion, St. Bride is shown working at a desk writing an illuminated manuscript, an art at which she studied.

The medallions in the upper lights tell the story of two children, who, having set out in a boat after dark, were lost, but were guided back to safety by  St Bride.

On the left are the two children and the boat, and on the right, St. Bride and her lamp.

The inscription at the base of  the window reads, as follows;

“To the Glory of God, and in memory of Andrina Reid Harley, died  24th December 1943, and of the Donor, Janet Marshall Harley, died 30th March, 1951”

Both the design and execution of the window were by  Mr. Gordon M Webster