Attending Church for the first time?

If you have not been to Bothwell Parish Church before – don’t worry. It is a friendly place and a very easy one in which to feel welcome and at ease.

Our Sunday worship begins at 10.30am. The first person you are likely to meet is one of our Officebearers. He / She will welcome you and give you an Order of Service and Hymn Book. Everything that you need to know about our worship is in this leaflet—hymns, music, prayers and readings. Just find yourself a seat anywhere in the main part of the church. No seats are reserved. If you want a Bible during the service, there are copies at the ends of the pews.

There is a flat access into the church building. Those in wheelchairs need not worry. Once inside, it is easy for a wheelchair user to move around the building. An accessible toilet may be found at either the entrance to the church office or nearby within the church Centre.

On most Sunday mornings, children up to mid-teenagers join us for the first part of the service before taking their leave to enjoy their own activities within the church Centre. However, should a young person choose to remain in church with their parents, that is perfectly OK. We are quite relaxed about babies being in church though each Sunday a crèche is provided in the Centre.

You will know when the service is about to begin when the choir stand to sing the Introit. It is the signal for the congregation to stand too. The Minister conducting the service will greet everyone and worship is underway. Hymns will be announced. All the details of the service are printed in the Order of Service to help you. Although there is a considerable variety during the year, most of our services have the same basic  outline week by week which people get used to after coming a few times.

Most people stand to sing and sit to pray.

Everyone is most welcome to receive Communion at Bothwell Parish Church.

Following our 10.30 morning service, tea and coffee are offered within the church Centre café. You don’t have to stay, but it is a good chance to meet and speak with people.