At Bothwell Parish Church we want your Wedding Service to be a happy and meaningful occasion and hope this simple guide will help to answer your questions and aid your planning.

The Minister and Kirk Session are happy to make the church available to any couple who wish a Christian Service.

1. Do we need to be church members to be married in church?

No. Membership is not a condition of marriage.

2. Is it possible for divorcees to be married in church?
Yes. In the Church of Scotland those who have been married and divorced can be remarried. You will find that the Minister will not make your situation into a problem, but you must inform him of the situation when you first discuss the wedding.

3. Is it wrong to be married in church if we do not belong to it?

Only if you are making use of the Church as a picturesque setting.
If you have enough faith to see your marriage as a God-given relationship and acknowledge the guiding role that God should have in your marriage, it is sensible and right that there should be a religious dimension to the wedding. Many couples opt for a Registry Office ceremony because of a mistaken belief that it would be hypocritical to ask for a Church wedding. If you are in doubt, the Minister will be happy to discuss this with you.

4. What about couples living together?

The Church has always been in favour of lifelong commitment in a formal marriage relationship. If you have been living together and have reached the point of wanting to convert your relationship into marriage, you will find that this is the point from which the Minister starts.

5. Is the church suitable only for big weddings?

It makes no difference whether there are five people present or five hundred. The minimum is a bride, bridegroom, a Minister and two witnesses. For smaller groups weddings can be held within the ancient, historic Quire.

6. How do we arrange a wedding?

The Minister may be consulted either by contacting the church office (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am – 2pm) or on most Sundays immediately following the 10.30am service.

7. Officiating Minister
Should the Minister be unable to conduct your service personally, arrangements will be made for a colleague to deputise.

8. Receptions

The Minister regrets that other commitments may prevent him from attending your wedding reception. However if invited, the Minister will do his best to attend.

9. What does it cost to be married in Bothwell Parish Church?
Please consult the Minister regarding costs relevant to your Service. (Inclusive of fee for organist, church officer / cleaners and donation towards heating / lighting). A deposit of 50% is non-returnable. Cheques should be made payable to Bothwell Parish Church.  An acknowledgement/ confirmation will be sent to you by return.

10. The Marriage Schedule
It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to obtain a fully valid marriage schedule from the Registration Authorities and present it to the Minister at the rehearsal in the church.

11. Rehearsal
A rehearsal for all members of the Wedding Party is held after worship on the Sunday immediately prior to your wedding. Otherwise, a rehearsal is held at a more suitable time. Please contact the Minister conducting your service to make arrangements.  Along with the marriage schedule, the balance of the wedding fees and hymn sheets should be brought to the rehearsal.

12. Music
A sample Order-of-Service is included for your assistance.  Usually a Wedding service has two or three hymns. The first of which, known as the Processional Hymn, is always ‘Praise my soul the King of Heaven ’.
It is essential that the Church Organist is consulted regarding your choice of music.  Any musicians or singers booked for your wedding must liaise with him also.  He is usually available following Morning Worship most Sundays.

13. Time of Wedding
Please confirm with the Minister the time you wish your marriage to take place.

14. Are Photographs and Videos Allowed in Church?
Guests are requested not to take any photographs inside the church until your service has ended and your Wedding Party proceeds to the main doors.  Our Church Officer can advise on the taking of official photographs and video recordings.

15. What About Confetti?
We regret that the use of confetti and scattering of money are not permitted within the church grounds.  Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.  

16. Flowers
Please consult with the Church Officer for entry to the church.

17. Police
Bothwell Main Street is always a busy and congested road. To avoid traffic problems / accidents, it is always advisable to inform the Police of the time / date of your wedding.  The local Police Office is at Uddingston.

18. Vehicular Access to Church Grounds
Please note that only Official Cars and cars Dropping-off  disabled persons should use the Church entrance.  Parking for guests is provided at the Church Centre (adjacent to the Church along main road) or on side streets.  The Church entrance is not suitable for long-wheel based limousines.

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Please download the Wording of the Processional Hymn for your order of service.