About us and our beliefs

Why a Religious Faith ?

At various points in our life we can find ourselves  asking profound questions about our identity, purpose and mortality. We seek answers or, at least clues,  because it can be important to us as we try to make sense of our lives, our society, our relationships and our work.

Christians believe that every human being has been created in the image of God and is loved deeply by God.  We believe that each and every individual is of incalculable value despite all our faults and failings, our shortcomings and inadequacies.  We also believe that within each individual is the possibility to know God in a way that can be amazingly fulfilling, liberating and challenging.

Throughout all time, God has invited humanity to discover this life of trust and faith; and has revealed his true nature through the beauty of creation,  the wonder of nature, the way of life (the Law) he gave to ancient Hebrew people: prophets and teachers since – and most fully through Jesus of Nazareth whose whole life, teaching, death and continuing influence shows us, even today, what God is like.

Jesus said, “God is Love”.

The beginning of Christian Faith is to trust a God who knows us far more deeply than we know ourselves.  From making that initial step, a journey begins that will last a lifetime.  We invite you to travel with us

  • A Biblical Church – we have a great reverence for the Bible. We take it very seriously though not always literally; and hold nothing as essential to the faith that cannot be demonstrated from it.
  • A Believing Church– we hold to and recite each Sunday the orthodox creeds of the historic Church, particularly the Apostles’ Creed. Christian faith is our inheritance from those generations going back to the Church’s earliest days….
  • An Historical Church -we take human history and the history of the Christian Church seriously. The way we pray, the way we worship, the way we care for one another are all deeply indebted to the generations of Christians who have gone before us. We also cherish the witness of our own church in the history of Scotland and the continuing role we fulfil within our community and beyond today.
  • A Thinking Church – we do not try to think for our members, but with our members. We welcome questions, ambiguity and different understanding from within our community. We are open to the insights of social and natural sciences. We believe that the Christian Life is a journey that we are on together and that we will all see that journey differently; and so we are committed to respecting and listening to each other as we share the journey God has given us.
  • A Worshipping Church – our faith and our unique perspective on faith are demonstrated most clearly in our worship – it is the epiphany of the Church. Our worship is of Word and Sacrament. It is through our worship that we express ourselves at the deepest level; and it is within worship that we are most ourselves.

A common characteristic in people seeking to experience God is a capacity for wonder and humility.  If you have a few minutes, take a look at these videos.  They offer both.